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Roxbury Rescues

“Oh, poor little thing… Bless its sweet heart… What? Me help??? Surely someone else will come along…”

I hear these words all too often. Most of us are afraid we will get “stuck,” and end up adding yet another stress to our lives. Of course, we can’t always take them home with us, but sometimes we’re able to put them in a laundry room or garage until we can get them safely to a shelter. At least they will have a better chance there than they would on the streets.

There is no excuse in the world for turning your back on an animal in need. There are many organizations (in addition to your local SPCA) who dedicate their lives to helping them. Take a few minutes to locate the ones near you, so you can become part of the solution! Oh and hey! Next time you have a spare $3, you can score a bag of dry food at Dollar General and keep it in your trunk so you can feed a hungry kitty or puppy tummy should you run across one.

Of course, my family and I do not run a shelter. Like many other people, we simply take care of the ones that cross our path. We have saved a lot of lives, and lost a few. We’ve made a lot of new friends and warmed a lot of hearts by bringing the joy of a new pet into their lives.

I get this phone call at least once a month, “Hey, here’s an idea, instead of going out to lunch for a few days, pack a sandwich instead and use the money to place an ad in the newspaper to find a suitable home for them. Make sure to request “small adoption fee” and “vet references required”. It’s a low down dirty shame, but there are folks out there who scan the papers for FREE pets for purposes other than cuddling up on the couch with them.

GET INVOLVED!! You can do it! You really can! And you CAN do it without getting “stuck.” It will make you feel good, and won’t even add inches to your hips or make you disrespect yourself in the morning.

Or … if you would like to make a donation to assist the Roxburys in their continuing rescue efforts, you can do so by contacting:

Darwin Myers
Office Manager
Theodore Veterinary Hospital
Phone: (251) 653-7831
You can also mail your donation to them at:

5761 Highway 90 West
Theodore, Alabama 36582

Caring For A Newborn

Caring for a Newborn

Ok, so you found a furry little newborn and aren’t sure what to do!

First, make every effort to reunite it with its mother! Call around to find out if anyone knows anyone whose cat or dog recently had babies. 99% of the time they will be very accommodating to the new orphans!

If this isn’t possible, don’t worry. Download these instructions to find out how to care for that baby.

Download Instructions

Elmo’s Story

Around 9 pm on a cold and rainy night, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson heard a “whimpering noise” coming from their backyard. Mr. Wilson walked out, but saw nothing. Still, the whimpering continued. So, Mr. Wilson summoned his wife outside to help find (and hopefully be able to help) whatever little creature was in distress.

In a dark corner of their property, they found a tiny newborn puppy crying, cold and hungry. Not knowing what to do, they scooped him up and kept him warm until they were able to get him to a vet the next morning. (Guess where they brought him???)

Well, of course I was there that morning bringing one of our pack in for a much needed dental treatment. Mrs. Wilson was beside herself with worry as she knew she would not be able to care for the pup herself. I took one look at the little guy and carried him home with me. (Are you surprised???)

Miss June

“Elmo” was an instant heart-breaker and soon won over even the cats at the Roxbury estate! He was bottle fed, cared for and cuddled. Elmo stayed with us for 6 weeks.

We Love A Happy Ending!

We found Elmo a glorious forever home with Miss June! He got along famously with her two cats, and now happily resides in New Orleans, La.

Brody’s Recovery

Brody - Before & After

Brody was found limping on the side of the highway and suffering from heartworms. With help from the Roxburys (and more than a little TLC), he made a miraculous recovery!

Brody was adopted by the George family and now lives in the comfort he deserves!

In Memory of Sissie Girl

Jolene and Sissie GirlOur sweet Sissie Girl became part of the family in the winter of 1996. She brought us constant joy until she passed away in the summer of 2010 after a long battle with cancer. She loved her home and her pack (all the dogs and all her humans!) and enjoyed every last minute on this earth.

I think my poor husband blew out a disc or two carrying her that last year, but she loved it! Her spirit is with us and touches every rescue that crosses our threshhold.

– Jolene