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Laughter Releases Endolphins

The Jolene Roxbury Variety Hour is now proudly in its 8th year!

Jolene has been tickling funny bones on radio and the internet for years. She first stirred the pot when she recorded her pre-YouTube era, LMAO classic OB-GYN Answering Machine segment as a joke for her doctor’s office. The hilarious sound clip was such a hit that it went viral in email and significantly boosted the sales of her 2003 debut CD, Best of Morning at the Roxbury. Ten years later, the classic recording was made into a YouTube animation, which you can watch below.

Jolene’s Videos on YouTube

The Roxbury Players

Sit. Stay. LaughFrom the impaired opinions and perspectives of Adeline, as she travels cross-country with her husband, Jeb, and their dog — to the entertaining antics of Belle Cadeaux, who uses her social graces to get out of situations beyond her control — the Roxbury Players are sure to keep you in stitches!

Meet the Roxbury Players

Belle and Alec

What’s Cookin’ with Belle Cadeaux and Alec Naman

When Belle first met Alec and his unparalleled talents, it was love at first bite! So far, we haven’t scared him off, so we consider ourselves very lucky indeed!

Alec Naman is not only the area’s premiere caterer, but quite a character (which is our nice way of saying he’s as crazy as a loon) and as you know, we don’t like to let creativity and nuttiness go to waste!

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About Naman’s Catering

Naman's Catering

Naman’s Catering can service parties from 50 to 5000 people and is well-known for its outstanding food and impeccable service with attention to detail.

Bell’s In The Batfry

Bell's In The Batfry

Need a dose of comedy, oddball stuff, strange interviews and just more general mayhem? Visit Bell’s in the Batfry, the website of the talented and zany John Bell.

Roxbury Rescues

Roxbury Rescues

Jolene and her family have been actively involved in rescuing abandoned animals, from newborns to adults, and finding them loving homes. Find out how you can help or make a donation to their rescue efforts.

Go to the Roxbury Rescues page